About Us

Maldives Institute of Technology (MIT) has been built from the Center for Career and Technical Education (CCTE) that was formed on the 12th July, 2005 with the underlying aim to enrich people’s lives as the leading provider of qualifications and balanced learning support for work and life. MIT commits to the spirit of lifelong learning as a means for all Maldivians to fulfill their potentials and recognize the diverse knowledge, skills and apply them in their career and life. MIT as a proactive establishment realizes continued changes in career and life due to increased global competition, a sluggish world economy, a call for greater social responsibility, and a host of other economic, political and social problems. In fact, this is one of the reasons why we have taken this challenging mission to enrich people from all walks of life. This is important in a country like Maldives where people is the most important resource. MIT will challenge with sustained growth by paying absolute dedication to meet the ever changing requirements of both explicit and implied needs of employers and learners and this has never been more important than today.

Maldives as a country in this world, neither we can adopt cut and paste solution from advanced countries nor we can disregard their vast experience with in this field. MIT’s Governance coupled with the academically qualified and experienced members behind the research and development activities including strategic alliances within this field in few selected countries makes and assures MIT as a more committed and competent Center for Career and Technical Education in Maldives. MIT shall continue to provide solutions (Competent Knowledge and skills) for lifelong success in work and life.

Though, MIT is an infant establishment in this field with a pioneer spirit together with the nature and scope of its vision and mission, today this unique service has started gaining unrivaled edge within Male’ and we have strategic plan to provide this services for all corners of Maldives within the next ten years. Reliable and recognized employers in Male’ now can rely on MIT to develop a qualified workforce, equipped with the competencies in few key important areas making MIT name synonyms with workplace excellence in occupational sectors.

MIT is committed in providing a level of customer service and support consistent with the best of world class practice in this industry.MIT is determined to achieve higher encouragement, acceptance and preference from individual, corporate and public sector through performance-proven competencies by providing solutions (Competent Knowledge and skills) for success in work and life.