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Training Program on Supervisory Management

The course is specifically designed for new supervisors or managers as well as those with more experience but no formal training, allowing them to train and hone their leadership skills in order to create a more tight-knit work community that will elevate levels of productivity.

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Refresher Program on Foundation Design

The Refresher Program on Foundation Design is created to educate the participants on building foundations that will come to aid in constructing strong and long lasting buildings in the Maldives.

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Workplace Excellence Program

Increased productivity and profitability of the organizations you work are vital and the workplace excellence program aligns staff at various levels to the corporate culture of the organization and connect seamlessly for meaningful team effort for continued growth.

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Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Program

The need for more effective information security practices is increasingly evident with each security breach reported in the media and the program aims to deliver these information to existing IT professionals.

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Energy Conservation & Auditing Program

As Maldivian like the rest of the world become more aware of environment, it is felt that energy use need to be effectively managed to ensure lowered electricity bill for the enterprises and homes.

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Short Course on Welding Techniques

Welding remains a very important trade and those working in this area need to develop proper knowledge and skills to ensure the work being undertaken is reliable and of high quality.

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Outboard Engine Repair and Maintenance Program

Outboard engines usage is on rise across Male' and in the islands and hence there is a strong need to develop knowledge and skills related to repair and maintenance of outboard engines.

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Solar Technology Training Program

Solar Technology appears to be gaining momentum across the Maldives as the technology is widely accepted as an environment friendly alternative form of energy.

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Refresher Program for Vehicle Operators

Like human beings, vehicles also need to be maintained properly to ensure their operation and services are are delivered with unexpected breakdowns and failures.

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Kanbalunnah Computer Training Program

Women tend to be unfriendly with computers and there was a need identified to empower them with basics of computers and its usage for daily purposes.

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Domestic Appliances Safety Program

MIT Team felt the need to empower women for effective and optimized uses of home based appliances to reduce dependability on others while attending household chores.

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Managerial Skills Training Program

Effective management knowledge and skills are vital for all the staff within the organizations to ensure they are kept up-to-date with changing dynamics and facilitating effective management of organizations and enterprises.

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Asset Valuation Training Program

Asset Valuation Programs are designed for those working in Banks and Insurance companies to ensure the Survey reports prepared by the surveyors are done properly for accurate valuation of client assets.

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Support Staff Training Program

Support Staff play a key role in office environments and the trained staff will ensure their services provided are of higher standard and quality.

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Boat Operators Training Program

MIT Team realizes the need for safer maritime transport and hence continuously undertake the program for reminding Boat Captains of safe transport within local waters of the Maldives.

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Basic Chinese Language

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