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The Maldives Institute of Technology (MIT) was established from the foundation of the Center for Career and Technical Education (CCTE) on July 12th, 2005. Its primary objective is to enhance individual lives by acting as the premier provider of qualifications and comprehensive learning support for both professional and personal development. Embracing the concept of lifelong learning, MIT encourages all Maldivians to explore their potential and apply their diverse knowledge and skills in both their careers and daily lives. 


As a proactive institution, MIT acknowledges the continuous changes in career paths and personal life brought about by factors such as intensified global competition, a slow global economy, increased social responsibility demands, and various other economic, political, and social challenges. This commitment to empowering individuals from all backgrounds is especially significant in a country like the Maldives, where human capital is the most valuable resource.


To achieve sustained growth, MIT dedicates itself to addressing the ever-evolving needs of employers and learners explicitly and implicitly. This focus on adapting to change has never been more crucial than it is today.


Student Breaks 2016 Record

January 1, 2023

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