Application Open for our 2022 January Intake. You can choose from more than 30 programs of 14 different sectors.

MIT has been awarded with a special grant by the Government of Japan to establish and strengthen vocational and engineering laboratories related to ongoing vocational and engineering programs of MIT. Referred grant is from the ongoing Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP) of Government of Japan which is established to assist NGOs and local public authorities in developing countries in responding to various development needs in a prompt and complete manner. The grant was handed over by the Ambassador of Japan to the Maldives, Ms.Keiko Yanai on 7th March, 2021 at a ceremony held in MIT.

Much needed vocational and engineering training equipment are expensive and MIT management believes that the planned development and strengthening of labs will improve and enhance knowledge and skills development of the students of MIT.

We express our sincere gratitude to the Government of Japan for providing such a generous offer that will not only improve and enhance training quality of MIT programs, but will also facilitate development of highly skilled engineering graduates to take up challenging roles across Maldivian industries. MIT management further explains that the funds released through the grant will be used to procure vocational and engineering laboratory equipment that are aligned to the programs and qualification offered through MIT. Referred laboratory equipment will be used to strengthen existing vocational and engineering labs, while the newly procured equipment will also facilitate establishment of new labs that are vital and important for the expansion of MIT programs and courses.

 A two-day Program on “Familiarization with Concrete materials and its strength” has been concluded on 13th February 2021. This 2-day program was conducted for STO staff members by the Maldives Institute of Technology (MIT).  This program provided the staff working at the STO construction site with a multitude of knowledge about working with cement and concrete.

Out of the 13 members that joined the sessions, 9 members completed and received the certification of the training.

MIT has always taken initiative in identifying areas within companies that need training, and providing them with suitable programs.

We are more than happy to announce that, on 20th January, MIT was awarded the license categories A, B and C for graduates of Diploma in Electrical Installation by the Utility Regulatory Authority.

The decision to award MIT with this license was made after an inspection of our electrical lab. MIT has been conducting Diploma in Electrical Installation for 6 years, and we wish to thank the Utility Regulatory for granting our students the opportunity to practice in this field upon finishing their course.

We have successfully launched MIT online programs on 20th January 2021 live on Facebook at 2:30pm.

The first batch of online programs offered is targeted at tourism and hospitality sector as the referred sector provide several opportunities for youth to get trained and secure employment.

Online programs of MIT target those working in the industry and those seeking prospective careers in the tourism and hospitality sector of the Maldives. 

Objectives of the online programs of MIT is to facilitate easy access to skills training through which those working in the industry and those across different islands of the Maldives to study and obtain am MQA approved certificate related to the tourism and hospitality sector of the Maldives.

The following 10 courses was launched to be followed by another 10 courses by the end of the year. Students interested in these courses can complete the application process through our website by filling the application form.

The first ten programs being offered are as follows.

  1. National Certificate III in Water Sports
  2. National Certificate III in Pastry & Bakery
  3. National Certificate III in Surf Guiding
  4. National Certificate III in Snorkel Guiding
  5. National Certificate III in Sports Fishing Guiding
  6. National Certificate III in Guest House Operations
  7. National Certificate III in Airport Representative Service
  8. National Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  9. National Certificate III in Food & Beverage Services
  10. National Certificate III in Life Guarding

Once the minimum number of students are enrolled, the program will be ready to commence. Moreover, students will get access to all their learning materials through MIT Learning Management System (LMS). This includes lesson notes, practical videos, presentations, tutorials and other materials required for the specific course.

MIT believes that through these programs, more youth can take up skills training and get qualified and obtain National Certificate from TVETA and the referred programs are MQA approved.

For more information, please contact us on Tel: 3308644 or explore more from our website!

MIT has commenced the first batch of Electronics Workshop on 6th March 2020 (Friday), with respect to the span of the course, which is just 2 days.

At present, our Electronics workshop has focused on everybody to take part for FREE. Our target of the program is to draw in the interest of youth to find out about fundamental of electronic components and encourage these inventive personalities and grasp of preparing to create different electrical abilities inside them.

Moreover, the program will conduct both sessions of theory and practical. Electronics Workshop is held at MIT male’ and practical sessions will be held at Annex Lab.

MIT is delighted to start over a fresh year with a new batch of Creative Bag Designing & Craft Skills, through our Women’s Skills Training Program. The duration of this program is 4 weeks. The program will be taught by a trained Maldivian female, Nimrath, who is keen to pass her knowledge and skills to other females in this country.

This program is also scheduled to be held at MIT Male’ and will commence on 14th February 2020.

As reflecting on the last years’ experience our objectives have grown much broader. That is not only to educate the participants to create two handy and attractive bags (Back-pack & Side-Bag) but also, establish businesses and boost income-earning possibilities through the enhancement of these creative skills taught from this program.

We openly welcome all interested females to join our Bag Designing & Crafting Skills.

For registration, please contact us on 3308644 before the commencing date.

Twelve students received their certificate of completion of Diploma in Business & Office Administration. The Graduation Ceremony was held at Bodufolhudhoo School on January 24th, 2020 (Friday).

The ceremony began with recitation of Holy Quran by Bodufolhudhoo School student, Maalih Musthafa. Followed by, welcome remarks by the Council President Mr. Shujau Adam. A speech was given by one of our Senior Lecturer, Mr.Rajandran. Afterwards, a token of appreciation award was given to the travel sponsor by the Council President Mr. Shujau Adam.

The certificates were given to all the graduates by Honorable Chief Guest of the ceremony, Minister of Communication Science and Technology Mr. Maleeh Jamal. Thereafter, cash prizes was given top 3 students who received Distinction in all of the modules, and this prize was given by our Senior Lecturer Mr. Ali Rameez.

Last but not least on the agenda, a congratulatory message was conveyed by Honorable Chief Guest, Minister Mr. Maleeh Jamal. The ceremony brightly ended with the National Anthem.

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