A two-day Program on “Familiarization with Concrete materials and its strength” has been concluded on 13th February 2021. This 2-day program was conducted for STO staff members by the Maldives Institute of Technology (MIT).  This program provided the staff working at the STO construction site with a multitude of knowledge about working with cement and concrete.

Out of the 13 members that joined the sessions, 9 members completed and received the certification of the training.

MIT has always taken initiative in identifying areas within companies that need training, and providing them with suitable programs.

Hussein Naeem

MIT wishes to congratulate Mr. Hussein Naeem for being elected as the MIT Council Chair for a term of 2 years starting in December, 2020.

Mr. Hussein Naeem brings years of professional and academic experience that involved his services in the Government, State owned enterprises and in the private sector.

He is an engineer by profession and have completed several engineering qualification across different parts of the world including Bangladesh and United Kingdom. Mr. Hussein Naeem also completed Master of Science, Maritime Affairs - Port Management at the World Maritime University, Sweden. MIT wishes to thank rest of the Council Members and wish the new council will bring reform and innovative thinking and under the Leadership of Hussein Naeem, MIT will reach to new heights in the provision of skills training across the Maldives.

MIT is thrilled to introduce an exclusively designed program that motivates and guides the fresh school leavers who are seeking special job orientation after undertaking their "O" level/ "A" level exam this year. Objectives of the "Let’s Work" program is to engage the school leavers to explore the various job markets, consolidate future career plans and attain work experiences.

These are the available job opportunities offered by MIT under this program:

This program will be conducted in any nearby islands of Maldives it all depends on the workplace you wish to apply to work at.

The basic structure of this program has 2 option for the students to freely choose:

This program will be conducted in an effective and flexible structure, as we firstly will arrange 1 or 2-day session classes to guide/ teach them about their workplace. Secondly, we will set them to a workplace to get experience for a minimum of 1 month. Lastly, we will do follow-up meetings by arranging every fortnight with the student. It is to understand the dynamics of the workplace and the challenges faced during his/her work experiences.

The program is expected to be commenced on 1st December 2019.

For registration please contact us on 3308644!!


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