Electrical and Electronics Programs

Electrical and Electronic Programs of MIT covers programs related to electrical installation distribution of electrical power, whereas electronic engineering is about  electronic circuits, such as home automation and other modern technologies. This is why electronic engineering is often studied alongside electrical.




Level-3 in Electronics Technology

Certificate-3 in Electronics Technology is for candidates who want to begin a career within the electronics industry, specializing in electronics services.

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Certificate-3 in Kitchen and Laundry Technician

This is a unique qualification and provides a strong opportunity to either embrace a career or be self-employed.

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National Certificate-3 in Electrician

National Certificate-3 in Electrician is a program developed by TVETA and if successful will get National Certificate, issued from the TVETA of Maldives.

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Diploma in Electrical Installation

MIT Diploma in Electrical Installation Program is widely accepted across the Maldives and hence provide a strong avenue to newer students and those working in the industry.

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Advanced Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

MIT is introducing Engineering Field in 2019 and this program has been one of the few engineering programs we are offering in 2019.

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Advance Diploma Electrical and Electronics Engineering

MIT Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Electronics shall prepare the students to develop in the Engineering Field and may proceed to either employment or higher studies at the end of the program.

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Advance Certificate In Electrician

For people who are interested in learning electric

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