MIT Hulhumale'

MIT Hulhumale' came into operation in late, 2017 and since it opening have been undertaking various courses of MIT.

In particular, MIT Hulhumale' has been the primary venue for the HDC Youth Apprenticeship Program within which students completed the following programs.

  1. Certificate-3 in Building Construction
  2. Certificate-3 in Building Maintenance and
  3. Certificate-3 in Land Surveying.

Besides the programs, MIT Hulhumale is contantly running vocational courses and have completed following.

  1. National Certificate-3 in Electrician
  2. National Certificate-3 in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanic programs.

MIT Hulhumale' is  located in the following address:

Ithaa-04 (Ground Floor)

Reethigas Hingun, Hulhumale'.

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