Maldives Institute of Technology (MIT) Launches Online Programs

January 27, 2021

We have successfully launched MIT online programs on 20th January 2021 live on Facebook at 2:30pm.

The first batch of online programs offered is targeted at tourism and hospitality sector as the referred sector provide several opportunities for youth to get trained and secure employment.

Online programs of MIT target those working in the industry and those seeking prospective careers in the tourism and hospitality sector of the Maldives. 

Objectives of the online programs of MIT is to facilitate easy access to skills training through which those working in the industry and those across different islands of the Maldives to study and obtain am MQA approved certificate related to the tourism and hospitality sector of the Maldives.

The following 10 courses was launched to be followed by another 10 courses by the end of the year. Students interested in these courses can complete the application process through our website by filling the application form.

The first ten programs being offered are as follows.

  1. National Certificate III in Water Sports
  2. National Certificate III in Pastry & Bakery
  3. National Certificate III in Surf Guiding
  4. National Certificate III in Snorkel Guiding
  5. National Certificate III in Sports Fishing Guiding
  6. National Certificate III in Guest House Operations
  7. National Certificate III in Airport Representative Service
  8. National Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  9. National Certificate III in Food & Beverage Services
  10. National Certificate III in Life Guarding

Once the minimum number of students are enrolled, the program will be ready to commence. Moreover, students will get access to all their learning materials through MIT Learning Management System (LMS). This includes lesson notes, practical videos, presentations, tutorials and other materials required for the specific course.

MIT believes that through these programs, more youth can take up skills training and get qualified and obtain National Certificate from TVETA and the referred programs are MQA approved.

For more information, please contact us on Tel: 3308644 or explore more from our website!

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