QA Automation Engineer: Skills and Responsibilities

January 17, 2023

Our specialists perform a variety of tasks that help businesses across various industries stay on track. To be an expert QA test automation engineer, you have to be skilled in your field. This involves being aware of the latest technologies, such as in automation testing tools. Gaining more experience with object-oriented programming and concepts, as well as test-driven development (TDD) is important. Senior QA test automation engineers are able to multitask and take ownership of the tasks at hand.

what is qa automation engineer

You can further accelerate your career by getting more adept in coding and the design/architect of systems. Expand your knowledge by taking advantage of educational opportunities while on the job. There are organizations where you can gain valuable insight like the Association for Software Testing (AST) and groups you can join on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and others to help you along the way. This can further accelerate your goals by helping you keep up with industry trends and building a strong network of skilled individuals that may offer access to potential employers.

Mobile testing

This number includes an average base salary of $66,955 per year combined with the median reported additional pay of $5,707 annually. A test automation consultant is a QA Automation engineer who provides external advice and support to clients on test automation matters. Test automation consultants can work for consulting firms, agencies, or as freelancers. Test automation consultants help clients assess their current test automation maturity, identify gaps and opportunities, and recommend solutions and improvements.

  • The aerospace industry involves designing and building machinery in the space industry, including parts, missiles and rockets.
  • A cloud app that depends on continuous integration may require more complex testing than internal software developed using the waterfall model.
  • You’ll also need a working knowledge of mobile, web, and desktop operating systems as well as experience with analytics, robotics, AI and machine learning.
  • Here are the most effective and sought-after automation tools an accomplished QA automation engineer uses in his work.

However, this list is not exhaustive, and below we will cover the basic technical and soft skills. For example, there might be company rules about interoperability, resource utilization, modifications, documentation, or user interface aesthetics. QA engineers ensure that development projects always comply with company policies. This is particularly important when the company is certified with an external standard such as ISO or SPICE. Losing these certifications could lead to canceled contracts or even legal trouble for the company. This is yet another reason why QA engineers are key players in any serious software company.

Serving as the link between the client and development teams

Many QA automation testers start their career paths in fields like QA analysis. QA automation is one of the key tools that startups and SaaS businesses can use to get their products to market faster, with fewer bugs and less downtime. Traditional software development models treat the coding and testing processes as separate stages of development, so it takes longer for developers to recognize a problem and change course to fix it.

In this article, we will explore some of the common and emerging career paths and roles that you can pursue as a QA Automation engineer. You have proven your expertise in the field as a Senior QA Test Automation Engineer. You can develop automated tests using an automation framework and provide assistance when needed. You are also proficient with REST APIs, JavaScript, Selenium Webdriver, Maven, Jenkins, Git, and other technologies.

How do you become a QA engineer?

They’re often designed by the same programmers who wrote the code for the unit. Automated testing allows you to record a test that locates a bug, and re-run the same test with each change to the software to make sure that it doesn’t reappear. The test can be run exactly the same way each time, or used to test different features of the software in each iteration, providing more accurate results and bug reports. We’re very happy with the way that Yojji works, which is why we’ve spent so much money and engaged them for such a long time. We treat them as employees in regard to responsibilities and expectations, and they haven’t disappointed us. We used Agile project management methodology and were in contact with the team and project manager daily.

what is qa automation engineer

Along with reviewing procedures for tests and developing scripts, you’ll research new technologies, tools, and testing procedures. Working closely with the product and development team and other stakeholders in QA processes, you'll ensure a product is of excellent quality and low risk. A test automation developer is a QA Automation engineer who focuses on writing and maintaining code for automated tests. Test automation developers use programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, or Ruby to create test scripts that can simulate user actions, check functionality, and measure performance. Test automation developers also use frameworks such as Selenium, Appium, TestNG, or Cucumber to structure and execute their tests.

How to Become a QA Automation Engineer

QA engineers assess and troubleshoot a product’s software in order to meet quality standards during the development lifecycle. A QA lead develops the necessary procedures and processes, maintains documentation, guides QA teams, coordinates development teams, and manages testing schedules. Depending on the team size, its structure, clients’ needs, and objectives set, a QA automation engineer may have different roles. Yojji was an instrumental part of the client’s team, working closely with them to achieve the product’s success. Additionally, their resources were experienced, professional, and enjoyable to work with.

what is qa automation engineer

A test automation engineer in DevOps is a QA Automation engineer who works in a DevOps environment, where software development and delivery are integrated and automated. Test automation engineers in DevOps collaborate with developers, operations, and other stakeholders to ensure that software quality is maintained throughout the software lifecycle. Test automation engineers in DevOps use tools such as Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, or Ansible to create and run automated tests in continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines.

Keeping the industry demand in mind and the shortage of professional automation engineers in the market, it is safe to say that this career path is one of the most lucrative ones out there. Not many people are aware of the field, and you can take advantage of it by getting into it early. The demand for this profession will only increase in the coming years as technology is increasing in the blink of an eye. In the past two decades, software development has achieved a lot and has come a long way.

Planning, strategizing, and implementing skills will take you a long way and help you climb the ladder of success in this field. In one approach, called test-driven development (TDD), each piece of code is subjected to repeated tests, and only added to the software when the test can be passed. For example, it can perform a series of mouse clicks and keystrokes to ensure that the program works as intended, while recording any irregularities for playback and review. Chart a new path for your career with Udacity’s online development and engineering certifications.

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