Apprenticeship Programs

MIT offers Apprenticeship Programs to those interested in Workplace Learning.

Learn the skills of a trade or occupation in the workplace with an apprenticeship through CBST of MIT programs, projects and qualification is a better way forward in to fulfil career goals while cherishing mind and heart more meaningfully and more effectively. You get a mix of classroom learning and real-world experiences relating and relevant to respective industry, and you get paid while you work towards your qualification. Once completed, your qualification is recognised Nationally and/or Internationally.

Apprentices learn a skilled trade under a qualified tradesperson, while also studying off the job at MIT. You and your employer sign a contract that lasts until you complete your training and you both agree that you are competent. When your apprenticeship is complete, you receive a MQA approved certificate. Some examples of trades include chef, carpenter, hairdresser, electrician, plumber, motor mechanic, site supervisor, administrator, sales manager and salesperson.

Apprentices also learn on the job, which can be in many kinds of workplaces. An apprenticeship can result in qualifications ranging from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma. As an apprenticeship, you sign a contract with an employer that lasts until you have completed your training.

In addition to Apprenticeships, MIT provides PROGRAMS, PROJECTS and QUALIFICATIONS for employees and employers in developing, defining and delivering Career pathways within the industries while aligning and engaging to the purpose of existence of the entity in the private and public sectors.

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