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CFO asks CEO: What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?


CEO and CFO CONCLUSIONS: What happens if we don’t, and they stay us?


Want to grow your business?

MIT commits to develop your employees on two basic drivers: productivity and profitability only?


Surveys are endorsing that workers weren’t achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities. Like finding new customers are costlier, cost of losing a talented or productive employee can sometimes end up costing most!

Aligned and engaged employees to the vision and values of owners or purpose of existence of the respective entity are what business owners and institutions want. It’s no surprise that companies with “aligned and engaged employees” outperform in terms of productivity and/or profitability and there is no other option in leapfrogging over competitors within an increased competitions and constant changes expect sustaining and enhancing productivity and profitability!

MIT commits to customize all our programs, projects and qualifications to the individual and institutional vision and values more practically, more collectively and more progressively.



When you invest in your staff you want to be able to count on great outcomes for your organization. With a focus on practical learning that’s directly applicable in the workplace, MIT is as clear a choice for employers as it is for students/participants.

Our experience in customizing/tailoring training for industry, businesses and government departments is extensive and proven. We can tailor training to benefit individual and institutional benefits and interests and deliver it on-the-job, at-MIT. The figures don’t lie:

  • MIT is the largest private Technical Vocational and Education Training Authority (TVETA) provider (and also a registered higher education provider).
  • MIT have a dedicated team who can work with you and your organization to conduct a skills gap analysis in order to thoroughly understand your training needs and expectations. Our customization of programs, projects and qualifications services mean we are happy to:
    • Modify existing courses
    • Adapt course materials to suit your organization
    • Develop and deliver workplace-based training
    • Help build productive and outstanding teamwork to the planned culture



Please contact us as MIT Team is eagerly waiting to hear your needs!

Areas of Study

Toursim and Hospitality Programs

Tourism and Hospitality Programs of MIT targets the largest employment segment of the Maldives with total number of resorts increased to 126 with 27,031 beds in 2016. Besides resorts, our programs also target the growing Hotels and Guest Houses across the Maldives with 16 registered hotels and 393 guest houses scattered around 77 islands in […]

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Professional Programs and Projects

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Mechanical Programs

Mechanical Programs include both classwork and hands-on experience related to working with mechanical processes and machines. MIT Mechanical programs include wide selection of courses that are required for Maldivian industries and range from Mechanical Engineering to Vocational Programs that emphasis on skills development.      

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IT and Communication

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Hair and Beauty Programs

Hair and Beauty Programs of MIT were developed with the realization that it is very important to make sure that personal presentation and hygiene is at the highest standard when working within a salon. Programs in this category were developed with the purpose of preparing skilled professionals for the industry.    

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Electrical and Electronics Programs

Electrical and Electronic Programs of MIT covers programs related to electrical installation distribution of electrical power, whereas electronic engineering is about  electronic circuits, such as home automation and other modern technologies. This is why electronic engineering is often studied alongside electrical.    

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Civil and Building Construction Programs

Civil Engineering and Building Construction Programs of MIT are focused at the Maldives Construction Sector. Construction Sector of the Maldives contributes significantly to GDP and plays an important role in delivering the basic infrastructure needed for socio-economic development. However, the sector relies heavily on imported skills due to lack of relevant skills among the local […]

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Business and Office Administration Programs

Business and Office Administration Program of MIT focus on development of contemporary knowledge and practice related to both business and administration sectors of the Maldives. The programs are vocationally driven to ensure the graduates posses excellent knowledge and practical skills related to Business and Office Administration.    

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